How to Draw for Kids (Vol 1)

How to Draw for Kids 50 Cute Step By Step Drawings (Vol 1)

How to Draw Book for Kids is step by drawing book, each drawing is done in 9 steps and is very easy to follow.

Fifty cute drawings are included in this book. Drawings include adorable people, funny things and random stuff, there is no right or wrong way to draw, just pickup the pencil and start drawing.

- 50 Drawing Tutorials included
- Large Size page
- Easy to follow Steps
- No drawing experience required
- Suitable for both boys and girls

Drawings included in this book are:
Cute Squirrel, Dancing Avocado, Dancing Frog, Decorated Teapot, Dog with Ball, Dressed up Lady Fox, Eggplant with Legs, Fairy Sitting, Fish Holding Tree Branch, Flower in Pot, Foxnuts, Garlic Hi Five, Girl in Bathtub, Grass Churn Machine, Happy Basket, Happy Cherry, Happy Glass, Happy Running Egg, Happy Umbrella, Horse Fly, Iguanodon Dinosaur, Jumping Bristletails, King Mackerel, Lazy Pig Sunshine, Lord Shiv Shivling, Mahi Mahi Fish, Megalodon Shark, Mountain Scene, Northern red Snapper Fish, Ocean Sunfish, Owl with Glasses, Pear in Air, Pillow with Arms and Legs, Praying Mat, Rhinoceros Beetle, Sad Fly, Santa Sea Lion, Sea Urchin, Shell, Sleepy Lamp, Spoon with Hands, Stone Bridge, Sun with Sun Glasses, Sweet Fish, Thunderbolt Sign, Triceratops Dinosaur, Vehicle Crane, Walking Banana, Water Tanker, Yoga Ant

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