How to Draw for Kids (Vol 2)

How to Draw Book for Kids is step by drawing book, each drawing is done in 9 steps and is very easy to follow.

Fifty cute drawings are included in this book. Drawings include adorable people, funny things and random stuff, there is no right or wrong way to draw, just pickup the pencil and start drawing.

- 50 Drawing Tutorials included
- Large Size page
- Easy to follow Steps
- No drawing experience required
- Suitable for both boys and girls

Drawings included in this book are:
Allied Kingfish, Angry Boy on Ball, Ant with Fruit, Atlantic Salmon Fish, Baby Leopard, Ball on Grass, Bee Flying, Bird Flying, Booklice, Boy Unwell, Burger, Camel with Candy, Carnotaurus Dinosaur, Cartoon Letter E, Cat Fish, Chick Wearing Cap, Cobia Marine Fish, Courier Truck, Crazy Funnel under Tap, Crazy Mouse, Cute Almond, Cute Big Lips, Cute Chili, Cute Kitten, Cute Potato, Dancing Bear, Dancing Ice Cone, Deer with Clothes, Donkey Dreaming, Dung Beetle, Evil Devil, Fig Hanging, Flip Flops, Flying Robot, Funny Soda Bottle, Girl Morning Gown, Green Parakeet, Happy Birthday Balloons, Happy Cucumber, Happy Light Bulb, Happy Squid, Helicopter in Jungle, Ice Cream Cone, Jug with Sun Flower, King Mackerel Fish, Leaellynasaura Dinosaur, Love Birds, Mango Fruit, Midge, Natural Landscape

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