How to Draw 4-LOM from Star Wars

4 LOM is a rusty robot which has insect qualities. Actually, he is a criminal character and wrote his own set of programming for the criminal acts.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw two circles at the top and bottom and in between, draw a rectangle shape. Now connect both circles with a curve line. Partition the top circle via vertical and horizontal lines.

Step #2

Draw lines for hands, legs and gun. Draw two circle at the point of knees and four various style shapes for hand and feet.

Step #3

Draw shape over face part as above.

Step #4

Cover up chest part by drawing jacket.

Step #5

Cover up the outline of legs with dress.

Step #6

Draw four circles on head section and draw some curve lines across the head.

Step #7

Enhance the work on legs and waist.

Step #8

Enhance the arms.

Step #9

Draw shape over the chest and abdomen.

Step #10

Add lining to the waist part and draw hands.

Step #11

Enhance the upper part of the gun.

Step #12

Enhance the lower part of the gun to complete it.

Step #13

Make some improvement in the head and waist part. Draw feet to complete the diagram.

Step #14

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