How to Draw a Castle for Kids

Kids like to draw various shapes for fun. Castles are very popular among kids due to their association with stories & movies.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw a rectangle.

Step #2

Draw two vertical rectangles.

Step #3

Draw a square, a rectangle & three lines.

Step #4

Draw a square.

Step #5

Draw outlines for two pillars.

Step #6

Draw door & its top.

Step #7

Draw a pillar & a rectangle as shown.

Step #8

Draw a pillar & draw a square over it.

Step #9

Draw triangle shape & small shape for windows as shown.

Step #10

Draw the boundaries.

Step #11

Draw the pillar's boundaries.

Step #12

Draw the triangle & small shapes for windows.

Step #13

Draw pillar & door for the first floor.

Step #14

Enhance the drawing as shown.

Step #15

Draw the triangle and windows as shown.

Step #16

Draw flags & windows as shown.

Step #17

Make necessary improvements to finish the drawing.

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