How to Draw a Crocodile

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Crocodile

Here is an easy way to go about drawing a Crocodile. 8 simple steps and you are done!
How to Draw a Crocodile
Step 1
Draw two ovals with one having a partition for better face. Let them over-intersect.
Step 2
Now create a curvy design for the outline of the teeth and the mouth of the crocodile.
Step 3
Now create stone and oval like shapes for its feet.
Step 4
Now join both the circles and create a long tail of the Crocodile.
Step 5
Now, make the feet and join them with the stone like structures you made before.
Step 6
Now, in those feet draw the fingers and eyes on the face.
Step 7
Draw the teeth and the nostril.
Step 8
Complete the Drawing by adding the full and final touches on the crocodile.

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