How to Draw a Dog

Here's an easy to make 9-Step tutorial of How to Draw a dog!

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Step #1

Create a large and a small circle, with the latter having four quarters.

Step #2

Further, enhance the for quartered small circle with ears and an outline of mouth.

Step #3

Now, join the small and the medium circles to create the body.

Step #4

Now create four oval stone-shaped circles for feet.

Step #5

Join the front two feet and the other two to create a 3-D figure in the next steps.

Step #6

Create outlines for other feet and tail of the dog.

Step #7

Now join all the feet and draw a tail.

Step #8

Make the eyes and eyebrows of the Dog along with the nose.

Step #9

Complete the drawing by giving a finishing touch for the dog.

How to Draw a Dog with Color Pencils [Time Lapse]

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