How to Draw a Fox

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Fox

A Fox is quite an easy to draw figure and here's an 8-Step tutorial of How to Draw it!
How to Draw a Fox
Step 1
Create three circles, one large and two medium - let the larger one be in the center of both.
Step 2
Now, for the face - create two ears and a mouth cut.
Step 3
Now draw two rectangular shapes for legs and four stone like ovals for the feet.
Step 4
Join the whole body with circles!
Step 5
Now create the legs and join them with feet.
Step 6
Furthermore, enhance the face, with nose and ears.
Step 7
Make the tail and fingers of the fox.
Step 8
Finish the Fox with some final touches, ankles, knees and everything else as you can see.

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