How to Draw a Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl is also known as tiger owl and its scientific name is Bubo virginianus. In this tutorial, we will draw Great Horned Owl.

Step #1

First commence the tutorial by making a circle & an oval. Draw two curve lines inside the circle intersecting each other.

Step #2

Draw 6 point shape as shown, a circle & two parallel lines as shown.

Step #3

Make eyes, eye brows & beak.

Step #4

Draw outline for head, face & retinas.

Step #5

Make fur over the face.

Step #6

Draw wing & fur across it.

Step #7

Draw outline for lower body shape as shown & draw feet and nails.

Step #8

Make wing & fur.

Step #9

Enhance wing.

Step #10

Draw fur & branch of the tree shape as shown.

Step #11

Finally, make necessary improvements to finish.