How to Draw a Lion

This is a 9-Step Tutorial about How to Make a Lion!

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Make Two medium circles and an inverted Kite Shaped rectangle.

Step #2

Now make the Face and Eye outline as shown!

Step #3

Now create four stone like ovals for feet and two glass like figures for the legs.

Step #4

Now join the earlier circles and kite to retain the shape of the body of a lion.

Step #5

Now make the legs by joining the respective ovals and the feet.

Step #6

Now make the fourth leg for the 3-D effect and enhance the feet by drawing fingers.

Step #7

Now make the hair above the head by simply drawing something, as shown above.

Step #8

Draw the tail, enhance the face by drawing the ears, eyes, nose and mouth.

Step #9

Now, complete the drawing by enhancing the full picture of a lion.

How to Draw a Lion with Pencils [Time Lapse]

How to Draw a Lion with Pencils [Time Lapse]

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