How to Draw a Monkey

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Monkey

Here's an 8-Step tutorial of How to Draw a monkey using simple circles, squares and lines!
How to Draw a Monkey
Step 1
Begin with creating a base for a sitting Monkey. Make two medium circles with an upwards warped square in their middle. Let the above circle have 4 quarters for perfect face segmentation.
Step 2
Elaborate with ears and outline of a monkey in the above circle, which already have 4 quarters for finesse.
Step 3
Now, create the base for its hands and arms.
Step 4
Furthermore, add two ovals and one big stone like oval structure for the feet and the lower body.
Step 5
Create outline of the monkey by connecting all the circles and add a long tail to it.
Step 6
Join the ovals by adding those lines that take the step even further.
Step 7
Now make those eyes as you can see in the photo and time to add lines for those fingers.
Step 8
Finish it by giving final touches across the drawing and color it if you'd like!

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