How to Draw a Snow Leopard

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Snow Leopard

How to Draw a Snow Leopard - Learn in 10 Easy and Quick Steps!
How to Draw a Snow Leopard
Step 1
Begin with drawing three circles, two medium and a small one!
Step 2
Now make the outline for the ears and the tail.
Step 3
Make the outline for the face now.
Step 4
Join them all and create a base for the body.
Step 5
Now make the ears with detail, nose and eyes too.
Step 6
Make the outline of five different D-Shaped figures for the legs and the feet.
Step 7
Join first pair of lets and feet, make the fingers, and detailing
Step 8
Now make the other set.
Step 9
Make the spots on the body and that long tail!
Step 10
Complete the drawing by adding required elements, details and the final touch.

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