How to Draw a Wolf

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Wolf

Here's an 9-Step tutorial of How to Draw a wolf using simple circles, squares and lines!
How to Draw a Wolf
Step 1
Begin with Drawing a large circle for the body and a small circle for the face of the Wolf.
Step 2
Enhance the face with leaf-shaped ears and a circle for the mouth of the Wolf.
Step 3
Further, create lines and join the ears, face cut and the first two circles with each other to make a complete body.
Step 4
Now, the base for the body of the Wolf is created. Make a large circle below the larger circle of body, for the feet of the Wolf. And, create two more stone-like ovals for the feet.
Step 5
Now, join those two circles with the feet and create a better posture of the Wolf.
Step 6
To add the 3-Dimensional factor, create two more ovals adjacent to the other two feet!
Step 7
Now, cover the other two ovals with the funnel shaped legs to complete it.
Step 8
Time to make the eyes, and the tail!
Step 9
And, now you can finish the drawing simply by adding those little things which matter and make it complete!

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