How to Draw a Wolf Pup

Wolf Pup is a cute animal and kept as exotic pets. It is a young of the wolf which is also called grey wolf, timber wolf or western wolf. These Wolf puppies are usually born in spring. If you want to draw Wolf Pup, follow our tutorial step by step for the perfect picture.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

First start the tutorial by drawing circles & an oval.

Step #2

Draw outline for ears & tail.

Step #3

Make outline for arms, hands, legs & feet.

Step #4

Draw mouth & nose.

Step #5

Make ears, face & eyes.

Step #6

Make right arm, hand, leg & feet.

Step #7

Make body & tail.

Step #8

Draw left arm, hand, leg & feet.

Step #9

Draw moustache & Enhance whole body.

Step #10

Finally, make necessary improvements to finish.

How to Draw a Wolf Pup with Color Pencils [Time Lapse]

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