How to Draw an Angel with Sword

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw an Angel with Sword

Angels are God's creation & often represented with bird like wings.
How to Draw an Angel with Sword
Step 1
Draw an oval & two circles.
Step 2
Draw outlines for arms, hands & legs.
Step 3
Draw two circles & outline for the wing.
Step 4
Draw outlines for eye brows, eyes & nose.
Step 5
Draw outline for head & neck.
Step 6
Draw arms & shoulder.
Step 7
Draw the clothing.
Step 8
Draw design at the chest.
Step 9
Draw hairs.
Step 10
Draw left side wing.
Step 11
Draw right side wing.
Step 12
Enhance clothing as shown.
Step 13
Draw hands & fingers.
Step 14
Draw sword.
Step 15
Enhance the left side wing.
Step 16
Enhance the right side wing.
Step 17
Draw retinas, lips & ear rings.
Step 18
Make necessary improvements to finish.

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