How to Draw an Old Lighthouse

Kids love drawing and they take keen interest when asked to draw an old lighthouse. Let?s draw it.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw seven rectangles as shown.

Step #2

Re-outline four rectangles.

Step #3

Draw shape for the tower's top.

Step #4

Draw middle of the tower as shown.

Step #5

Draw the same shape as of above step.

Step #6

Draw the shape at the bottom of the tower.

Step #7

Draw the shape as shown.

Step #8

Draw the window shape.

Step #9

Enhance the drawing as shown.

Step #10

Draw various shape for the ground.

Step #11

Draw grills at the tower.

Step #12

Draw door, window, tower, antenna & enhance drawing as shown.

Step #13

Make necessary improvements to complete the drawing.

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