How to Draw Barbarian King from Clash of the Clans

Barbarian is the toughest warrior in the Clash of the Clans. The size of the Barbarian got huge due to eating of resource Dark Elixir.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw a rectangle & shape for the upper body.

Step #2

Draw outlines for shoulder, hands, arms & sword.

Step #3

Draw outlines for the legs & feet.

Step #4

Draw the shape as shown over face.

Step #5

Draw eyes, outline for nose, ear & lips.

Step #6

Draw the crown.

Step #7

Draw the shoulder's portion of dress.

Step #8

Draw arms & hands.

Step #9

Draw sword.

Step #10

Draw the hand & finger.

Step #11

Draw the belt as shown.

Step #12

Draw the waist belt.

Step #13

Draw bottom outline of the upper body dress.

Step #14

Draw legs, feet & slippers shoes.

Step #15

Make necessary improvements to finish the drawing.

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