How to Draw Bonnie

Bonnie is an animated rabit with magenta eyes.Bonnie cartoon is very famous in children. It is an indigo-colored rabbit.Bonnie is commonly females name.Here we sketch a beautiful diagram in a very easiest way.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Lets start with a circle for face shape and rectangle for body. In a face circle you should draw two horizontal line and one vertical line and two rectangle outline for ears.

Step #2

Draw outline for hands, legs, wrist and feet.

Step #3

Make an ovals for eyes, outline for nose and lips.

Step #4

Draw an uneven oval for face shape.

Step #5

Sketch an outline for jaw.

Step #6

Draw ears.

Step #7

Move onto the hands. Draw both hands and wrist along with fingers.

Step #8

Dress up bonnie with shirt and bow in the neck area.

Step #9

Make both legs with outline.

Step #10

Draw feet and outline for nails of both side.

Step #11

Draw eyes, retinas, teeth and enhance upper dressing.

Step #12

Make necessary improvement to finish.

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