How to Draw Bonnie

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Bonnie

Bonnie is an animated rabit with magenta eyes.Bonnie cartoon is very famous in children. It is an indigo-colored rabbit.Bonnie is commonly females name.Here we sketch a beautiful diagram in a very easiest way.
How to Draw Bonnie
Step 1
Lets start with a circle for face shape and rectangle for body. In a face circle you should draw two horizontal line and one vertical line and two rectangle outline for ears.
Step 2
Draw outline for hands, legs, wrist and feet.
Step 3
Make an ovals for eyes, outline for nose and lips.
Step 4
Draw an uneven oval for face shape.
Step 5
Sketch an outline for jaw.
Step 6
Draw ears.
Step 7
Move onto the hands. Draw both hands and wrist along with fingers.
Step 8
Dress up bonnie with shirt and bow in the neck area.
Step 9
Make both legs with outline.
Step 10
Draw feet and outline for nails of both side.
Step 11
Draw eyes, retinas, teeth and enhance upper dressing.
Step 12
Make necessary improvement to finish.

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