How to Draw Bossk from Star Wars

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Bossk from Star Wars

Bossk was a male character from Star Wars and was a bounty hunter. He teamed up with Klatooinian Castas and Aurra Sing to train the young Boba Fett.
How to Draw Bossk from Star Wars
Step 1
Draw two circles and outline for the legs.
Step 2
Draw outline for the upper body, arms, hands, feet and gun.
Step 3
Draw outline for the face.
Step 4
Draw line for the arm's clothing and neck.
Step 5
Draw eyes and nose.
Step 6
Draw upper body part clothing.
Step 7
Draw the arms and hand.
Step 8
Draw the gun.
Step 9
Draw the trouser.
Step 10
Enhance the trouser as shown.
Step 11
Enhance the clothing at the chest and knees.
Step 12
Enhance the waist portion and the gun as well.
Step 13
Enhance the diagram at several places as shown.
Step 14
Draw the feet's nails, teeth and enhance various parts of the head portion.
Step 15
Make necessary improvement to complete the drawing.

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