How to Draw Brahma

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Brahma

He is one of the God in Hinduism. Hindus have strong belief over him. He has four hands.
How to Draw Brahma
Step 1
Draw an oval & a circle.
Step 2
Draw an oval & outline for the arms.
Step 3
Draw outlines for the hands, heads & a rounded shape as shown.
Step 4
Draw eye brows, eyes & nose.
Step 5
Draw eye brows, eyes & nose.
Step 6
Draw outlines for the faces.
Step 7
Draw outlines for the crown.
Step 8
Draw lips & outlines for the face.
Step 9
Draw the clothing.
Step 10
Draw arms.
Step 11
Enhance the drawing as shown.
Step 12
Draw moustache & enhance the crowns.
Step 13
Draw eye brows, lips, nose & shapes over forehead.
Step 14
Draw clothing.
Step 15
Draw arms, legs, foot & fingers.
Step 16
Enhance the crown.
Step 17
Draw flower locket.
Step 18
Draw hands & fingers.
Step 19
Enhance drawing.
Step 20
Draw shapes as shown.
Step 21
Draw more shapes at the base.
Step 22
Enhance the clothing.
Step 23
Draw wrist band, flowers & other items.
Step 24
Enhance drawing as shown.
Step 25
Make necessary improvements to finish.

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