How to Draw C-3PO from Star Wars

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw C-3PO from Star Wars

C 3PO was a golden color droid. He was well aware of around 6 million means of communication. He was developed by Anakin Skywalker using spare parts.
How to Draw C-3PO from Star Wars
Step 1
Draw two circle and outlines for the oval, upper body, hips.
Step 2
Draw outline for the arms, legs, hands and feet.
Step 3
Draw eyes and eye brows and outline for the head.
Step 4
Draw outline for the upper body clothing.
Step 5
Draw clothing for the upper leg part.
Step 6
Draw clothing for the lower leg part.
Step 7
Draw clothing for the arms.
Step 8
Enhance diagram at the waist.
Step 9
Enhance diagram at the face, arms and chest.
Step 10
Draw the hands and fingers.
Step 11
Draw the spiral at the waist and improve diagram at various places as shown.
Step 12
Draw lining at the waist and enhance drawing at knees.
Step 13
Draw the shoes.
Step 14
Make necessary improvement to complete the drawing.

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