How to Draw Didi Pickles from Rugrats

Pickles is the son of Stu and Didi Pickels and is one of the protagonist. In this tutorial, we will draw Pickles from Rugrats.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

First commence the tutorial by making an oval, three lines inside the oval & rectangle.

Step #2

Draw outline for arms, hands, legs & feet & drawan an oval.

Step #3

Make outline for face & neck.

Step #4

Make shirt & sleeves.

Step #5

Draw eye glasses & eye brows.

Step #6

Make hairs.

Step #7

Make lower body dressing.

Step #8

Draw ear rings, purse & bracelet.

Step #9

Make hands, fingers & arms

Step #10

Make legs & shoes.

Step #11

Draw retinas & teeth.

Step #12

Draw locket, bottle & bangles.

Step #13

Finally, make necessary improvements to finish.

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