How to Draw Gale from Angry Birds

Gale is a well known character from angry bird stella. Gale is appear as villain and she is the baddest bird on the island. Golden Island is the name where all the birds live. Now lets start the tutorial.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Make a circle with few line inside.

Step #2

Draw outline for horns as shown in the picture.

Step #3

Sketch outline for the crown, hairs and tail.

Step #4

Make an oval for the face shape.

Step #5

Draw outline for eyes and eye lashes.

Step #6

Draw retinas and beak of gale.

Step #7

Make ear and horns.

Step #8

Draw crowns with outline and small circles and make tail.

Step #9

Enhance tail with two broad lines.

Step #10

Draw outline for eyes and other feature and enhance face.

Step #11

Make necessary improvements to finish the diagram of gale from angry birds.

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