How to Draw James P. Sullivan from Monsters, Inc.

James P. Sullivan is the lead protagonist of the series and he is known as Sulley - the Top Scarer under his Boss Henry J. Waternoose III.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw the really big oval along with a small one small circle for the face.

Step #2

Draw the medium sized ovals for the legs and hands.

Step #3

Draw the other two rounded rectangle ones for the feet.

Step #4

Draw and enhance the outline for the face.

Step #5

Draw the hands along with the fingers and nails too.

Step #6

Draw the feet and legs as shown.

Step #7

Draw the tail and feet with nails.

Step #8

Draw the other details like eyes, nose, teeth and mouth.

Step #9

Complete the drawing by adding the necessary finishing touch.

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