How to Draw Krishan with Radha

Krishna & Radha is a icon in Hindu religion. Both are considered as the Supreme Goddess.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw two oval & two circles.

Step #2

Make outlines for legs & neck for both krishna & radha.

Step #3

Sketch outlines for arms, hands, feet & music tool.

Step #4

Draw outlines for eyes & eye brows for both.

Step #5

Draw outlines for face of both characters.

Step #6

Make outlines for nose & lips for both.

Step #7

Draw arms, hands & fingers of both characters.

Step #8

Make outline of body for krishna.

Step #9

Draw bottom outline of the clothing of radha.

Step #10

Draw shawl of krishna & draw belt like shape at waist of both characters.

Step #11

Draw sardhi of radha & enhance krishna clothing.

Step #12

Sketch crowns at the head of each character.

Step #13

Draw radha's locket, music tool & enhance crown.

Step #14

Draw feet & fingers.

Step #15

Draw fingers & bangles.

Step #16

Draw flower locket of krishna. Also enhance radha's waist with flower chain.

Step #17

Draw ear rings, enhance crown as shown.

Step #18

Make several vertical lines over radha's clothing.

Step #19

Sketch lines over krishna's clothing.

Step #20

Further draw fingers of both characters.

Step #21

Draw ribbon at the end of music tool. Also make small circles over crowns as shown.

Step #22

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