How to Draw Kyogre from Pokemon

Kyogre is one of the character of pokemon serial and it is very famous in children. Here we are going to share you how to draw this character easily.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw two circles & Draw outline for drawing.

Step #2

Draw two triangular shape for upper body and outline for lower body.

Step #3

Draw face and eye.

Step #4

Draw lower body.

Step #5

Draw right side wing.

Step #6

Draw outline for left side wing.

Step #7

Draw outline for lower right wings.

Step #8

Make outline for left lower wing.

Step #9

Draw ovals and shapes for enhancing body.

Step #10

Enhance face and lower side.

Step #11

Draw two circles on both the wings.

Step #12

Draw rectangular shape nail outside the wings.

Step #13

Enhance right wing.

Step #14

Enhance left wing.

Step #15

Enhance both lower wings.

Step #16

Make necessary improvements to finish

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