How to Draw Loke from Fairy Tail

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Loke from Fairy Tail

Loke is a female fictional character from Fairy Tail. She is the member of Fairy Tail group. In this tutorial, we will draw Loke from Fairy Tail.
How to Draw Loke from Fairy Tail
Step 1
Start the tutorial work by drawing a circle & two lines intersecting each other as shown.
Step 2
Draw outline for lower face & neck.
Step 3
Make eyes & retinas.
Step 4
Make nose & lips.
Step 5
Make right side front hairs.
Step 6
Draw left side front hairs.
Step 7
Make left back side hairs.
Step 8
Draw right back side hairs.
Step 9
Make shirt.
Step 10
Make eyes & eye glasses.
Step 11
Finally, make necessary improvements to finish.

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