How to Draw Rangiku Matsumoto from Bleach

Rangiku Matsumoto is the female character from Bleach. She is the lieutenant of the 10th division of theotei 13. In this tutorial, we will draw Rangiku Matsumoto from Bleach.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Start the tutorial by making an oval & shape for the upper body dressing as shown.

Step #2

Draw outline for arms, legs & swords.

Step #3

Make eye brows, eyes,lower face and neck.

Step #4

Draw nose & lips.

Step #5

Make shirt.

Step #6

Draw hands & sleeves.

Step #7

Make belt & purse shape as shown.

Step #8

Draw several lines over the dressing as shown.

Step #9

Make shoes.

Step #10

Draw swrods shape as shown.

Step #11

Make hairs.

Step #12

Enhance hairs by making them longer.

Step #13

Make lines over the swords and hairs as shown.

Step #14

Finally, make necessary improvements to finish.

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