How to Draw Trigon from Teen Titans

Trigon is the male demon in the comic book published by DC Comics. He is one of the most powerful demons in the comic.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw an oval, a circle & shape for the upper body.

Step #2

Draw outlines for arms, hands, legs, feet & horn.

Step #3

Draw outlines for eyes, eye brows & nose.

Step #4

Draw outlines for lower face, ears & lips.

Step #5

Draw arm & shoulders.

Step #6

Draw outline as shown.

Step #7

Draw leg & feet.

Step #8

Draw second leg.

Step #9

Draw horns.

Step #10

Draw sheet.

Step #11

Draw retinas & hairs.

Step #12

Enhance drawing as shown.

Step #13

Draw several lines & double border circle.

Step #14

Draw belt & other shape as shown.

Step #15

Make necessary improvements to finish.

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