How to Draw Wall Breaker from Clash of the Clans

Wall Breaker is one of the best warrior in Clash of the clans in addition to Barbarian. He is master of breaking the wall.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw two ovals.

Step #2

Draw a circle & outlines for the arms & legs.

Step #3

Draw outline for the lower face.

Step #4

Draw outlines for the eyes, nose & lips.

Step #5

Draw the bomb.

Step #6

Draw the arms & fingers.

Step #7

Draw the chest bones.

Step #8

Enhance the chest.

Step #9

Enhance the lower portion as shown.

Step #10

Draw legs, feet & fingers.

Step #11

Draw the cap & fire.

Step #12

Draw teeth & enhance the drawing.

Step #13

Make necessary improvements to finish the drawing.

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