How to Draw Young MacGuffin from Brave

Young MacGuffin is a character from an animated cartoon film, Brave, the story of which is based or revolved around Merida who is a young girl and Young MacGuffin is performing a minor role, the son of Lord MacGuffin, and one of the suitors competing for Princess Merida's hand in marriage. If you want to draw Young MacGuffin, follow our tutorial step by step.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

First start the tutorial by drawing an oval & rectangle.

Step #2

Draw outline for arms, hands, legs & feet.

Step #3

Make outline for face.

Step #4

Draw eye brows, eyes, nose & lips.

Step #5

Make hairs.

Step #6

Make upper body dressing.

Step #7

Make sleeves, arms, hands & fingers.

Step #8

Make lower body dressing.

Step #9

Draw feet & shoes.

Step #10

Enhance eyes & whole dressing.

Step #11

Finally, make necessary improvements to finish.

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