How to Draw a Lemur

Lemur can be quite an easy one to draw, not many think so but here's our 8-Step tutorial of How to Draw a Lemur!

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Make a small circle with a line in between and an oval adjacent to it.

Step #2

On the small circle, create enhancements like - drawing the face and Ears.

Step #3

Now create five different ovals for the whole body to connect, and the tail.

Step #4

Now join the upper circles and ovals with each other and create a body.

Step #5

Join the upper ovals with the lower to create legs - to the feet

Step #6

Create the eye, nostrils and mouth along with the tail

Step #7

Now create the fingers and nails.

Step #8

Finish the figure by drawing the other enhancements like ear, nose, land and the black and white tail.

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