How to Draw a Ninja

Ninja is one of the most favorite character of kids all around the world. Kids attract ninja because of their look and action. There are huge number of an animated cartoon and games regarding Ninja. So lets move onto the first step of drawing ninja.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Start the tutorial work by drawing an oval & Draw outline for body.

Step #2

Make arms, hands, legs & feet.

Step #3

Make outline for stick and rope.

Step #4

Draw outline for face & eye cover.

Step #5

Draw eyes.

Step #6

Make upper body dressing.

Step #7

Draw outline for arms & hands. Also enhance wrists.

Step #8

Draw rope with handle.

Step #9

Make long stick.

Step #10

Draw legs & shoes. Also enhance feet.

Step #11

Enhance dressing.

Step #12

Finally, make necessary improvements to finish.

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