How to Draw a Walrus

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Walrus

Here is a simple guide of How to Draw a Walrus in 8 Easy Steps!
How to Draw a Walrus
Step 1
Begin with drawing a medium circle and a small uneven circle.
Step 2
Draw a small oval shape below the medium circle.
Step 3
Now draw another medium circle adjacent to the previous one and a triangular stone like figure - Join the first two circles.
Step 4
Now make the feet of the Walrus.
Step 5
Now create a rounded rectangle and the eyes of the Walrus!
Step 6
Now make those two wild teeth and the long tail.
Step 7
Give it an outline of the complete figure!
Step 8
Finish the Walrus by giving it other details as shown in the photo.

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