How to Draw Baloo from The Jungle Book

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Baloo from The Jungle Book

Baloo is a deuteragonist of the series and he is easily categorized among the lazy, laid back and gentle in nature personality.
How to Draw Baloo from The Jungle Book
Step 1
Draw the base for his body with the circle
Step 2
Draw the other necessary enhancements on the body.
Step 3
Draw the four other elements for the legs.
Step 4
Draw the face, ears and hair.
Step 5
Draw the large hands as shown.
Step 6
Draw the shape of his body and join the circles.
Step 7
Draw the necessary changes and enhancements.
Step 8
Enhance the ears, nose and mouth.
Step 9
Draw the other finer details as shown.
Step 10
Draw the feet and fingers.
Step 11
Draw the other necessary accessories and details.
Step 12
Enhance the hair as shown.
Step 13
Complete the drawing and add a necessary finishing touch.

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