How to Draw Bib Fortuna from Star Wars

Bib Fortuna was a male character from Star Wars and belonged to Ryloth. He perfomed as Cheif of the staff and Jabba. He died just after 04 years from the war of Yavin.

Step #1

Draw two circles and face outlines.

Step #2

Draw outlines for the hand, arms and legs.

Step #3

Enhance the face outlines.

Step #4

Draw the eyes, eye brows and outline for the lips.

Step #5

Draw left portion of the gown.

Step #6

Draw the right portion of the gown.

Step #7

Draw the outline for the nose and draw lips.

Step #8

Draw the arms, hands and fingers.

Step #9

Draw a ring covering neck, shoulder and neck.

Step #10

Enhance the dress at left hand side.

Step #11

Enhance the dress at right hand side.

Step #12

Draw the wrist bands and various shapes at the middle of the diagram.

Step #13

Draw the teeth; enhance face, fingers and other parts.

Step #14

Make necessary modifications to complete the diagram.