How to Draw Cad Bane from Star Wars

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Cad Bane from Star Wars

Cad Bane was a ruthless bounty hunter and belonged to the planet of Duro. He was fully equipped with Blaster Pistol and Flame Thrower.
How to Draw Cad Bane from Star Wars
Step 1
Draw two circles, shape for the head and outline for the leg.
Step 2
Draw outline for the shoulder, arms, hands, weapon and feet.
Step 3
Draw eyes and outlines for the nose.
Step 4
Draw outline for the face, nose hole and neck outline.
Step 5
Draw outline for the upper body part.
Step 6
Draw outline for the trouser.
Step 7
Draw outline for the arms and hands.
Step 8
Draw the cap and one side ear.
Step 9
Enhance the upper body clothing.
Step 10
Draw the belt and pouch hanging from the belt.
Step 11
Draw the fingers and shoes.
Step 12
Enhance the weapon more.
Step 13
Enhance the drawing at various places.
Step 14
Make some improvement in the head and waist part. Draw feet to complete the diagram.

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