How to Draw Ernie The Giant Chicken from Family Guy

Ernie is a yellow color big chicken. She has a long history of violence with Peter Griffin. In every fight with Arnie, Peter won. Not just that, the fight between them gives a massive destruction to the surrounding environment.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw an oval and a circle.

Step #2

Draw outline for the arm, hand, tale, legs and feet.

Step #3

Draw the outline for the beak, neck and head.

Step #4

Draw the outline for the comb and wattle.

Step #5

Draw wattle above the beak and draw inside mouth.

Step #6

Draw the arm and hand.

Step #7

Draw the outline for the breast.

Step #8

Draw the curvy and zigzag style tail feathers.

Step #9

Draw the shanks and toes.

Step #10

Draw the retinas, hand's nails and enhance drawing at other places.

Step #11

Enhance the hock, shanks and toes as shown.

Step #12

Draw the pot in Ernie's hand as shown.

Step #13

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