How to Draw Evil Stewie from Family Guy

Stewie is the clone of Stewie Griffin. Actually, he is the second clone; first one was the Bitch Stewie. Evil Stewie is almost identical to Stewie, the only difference was color difference in clothing.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw an oval and a square.

Step #2

Draw the outlines for the arms & draw two rectangles.

Step #3

Draw two small & one large rectangle as shown.

Step #4

Draw the eyes & retinas.

Step #5

Draw the outlines for nose & lips.

Step #6

Draw the outline for the head, face and ear.

Step #7

Draw arms, hands & fingers.

Step #8

Draw the weapon's outline.

Step #9

Draw small circle.

Step #10

Draw the ending corner of the weapon.

Step #11

Draw the hairs & enhance diagram at various places as shown.

Step #12

Make necessary improvements to complete the drawing.

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