How to Draw Jane Porter from Tarzan

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Jane Porter from Tarzan

Jane Porter is a Sweetheart and an eventual wife of Tarzan. She is a beautiful, young woman, interested in art but not so fond of the adventures and jungle.
How to Draw Jane Porter from Tarzan
Step 1
Begin with a large circle, a medium circle and a small oval - cut a line across for the base of the body
Step 2
Draw the little uneven squares and circles with lines for the hands and the legs
Step 3
Now draw the face and enhance it
Step 4
Draw the hair as shown
Step 5
Draw the hands and enhance them with a dress
Step 6
Draw the dress as shown and enhance the legs
Step 7
Enhance the dress and draw the frills as shown
Step 8
Draw the facial enhancements and the feet with footwear.
Step 9
Complete the drawing by adding the necessary finishing touch

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