How to Draw Kitty Softpaws from Puss in Boots

Kitty Softpaws is the Deuteragonist form the movie Puss in Boots.Kitty is the dark gray tuxedo cat. She is Pus's Girlfriend. She is cool and sleek. She can be sweet when she wants to, but dangerous at times.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw the base for the body using three circles.

Step #2

Draw the outline for the ears, arms, hands, legs, feet and the tail.

Step #3

Draw the base for the face and the ears.

Step #4

Draw the eyebrows and the eyes.

Step #5

Draw the nose, the mouth and the mustache.

Step #6

Draw and enhance the outline for the complete upper body.

Step #7

Draw one arms and both the legs.

Step #8

Draw the belt.

Step #9

Draw the footwear.

Step #10

Draw and enhance the other necessary details as shown.

Step #11

Draw the hands and other details as shown.

Step #12

Complete the drawing by adding the necessary finishing touch.

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