How to Draw Lord Rama

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Lord Rama

Lord Rama is one of the most virtuous hero in Hindu religion. He is the husband of Sita. Both of these are symbols of material devotion & purity.
How to Draw Lord Rama
Step 1
Draw an oval & shape for upper body.
Step 2
Draw outlines for arms, legs, hands, feet, arrows & stick.
Step 3
Draw outlines for eyes, nose & lips.
Step 4
Draw outlines for lower face & ears.
Step 5
Draw outline for the crown.
Step 6
Enhance the drawing as shown.
Step 7
Draw arms, hands& fingers.
Step 8
Draw lower body dress.
Step 9
Draw feet & fingers.
Step 10
Draw retinas & eye brows.
Step 11
Draw stick, arrows & it holder.
Step 12
Enhance the crown.
Step 13
Enhance the stick.
Step 14
Draw the locket.
Step 15
Enhance the drawing as shown.
Step 16
Draw bands over the arms.
Step 17
Enhance the clothing.
Step 18
Make necessary improvements to finish the drawing.

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