How to Draw Mr. Maxwell Dork Diaries

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Mr. Maxwell Dork Diaries

Mr Maxwell is a father of brianna Maxwell and Nikki. All the books of Dork Diarirs are very famous and Mr Maxwell play a leading role. Now lets start with first step of making diagram as under.
How to Draw Mr. Maxwell Dork Diaries
Step 1
Lets start with a circle & rectangle for face and body.
Step 2
Draw outline for hands,wrist, legs and feet.
Step 3
Make an oval for face shape and draw ears.
Step 4
Draw outline for glasses and circle for eyes.
Step 5
Make lips, teeth and small vertical line for nose.
Step 6
Draw eyes brows, retinas & enhance lips.
Step 7
sketch cap witrh horny look.
Step 8
Draw hands and enhance sleeves.
Step 9
Draw outline for waist coat.
Step 10
Draw legs and outline for pant along with shoes.
Step 11
Enhance dressing by long back coat.
Step 12
Draw outline for dressing enhancement and round circle for attractive look.
Step 13
sketch diagram under the circle which is placed in the middle of the body. &
Step 14
Make more outlines for designing.
Step 15
Make necessary improvement to finish.

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