How to Draw Noo-noo from Teletubbies

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Noo-noo from Teletubbies

Teletubbies is a television series of British pre-school children's which is created by Ragdoll Productions, Andrew Davenport and Anne Wood CBE. Noo Noo is an interesting character of this series. We have some easy tutorial for you to draw noo noo.
How to Draw Noo-noo from Teletubbies
Step 1
Draw a circle with a line.
Step 2
Draw outline for trunk and make small circle.
Step 3
Make eyes and retinas.
Step 4
Draw shape as shown for face.
Step 5
Make half rectangle and line.
Step 6
Again Draw outline for half rectangle.
Step 7
Draw a circle and one more circle under the first circle and half circle for wrist..
Step 8
Make trunk.
Step 9
Enhance trunk by sketching line and shap of moon and make a shape of head.
Step 10
Enhance face by drawing few lines.
Step 11
Make necessary improvements to finish.

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