How to Draw The Flash

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw The Flash

Flash is a super hero character from America. Due to some crisis, this character got dead in 1985.
How to Draw The Flash
Step 1
Draw an oval & shape for the upper body.
Step 2
Draw a circle & outline for arms & hands.
Step 3
Draw outlines for legs & arms.
Step 4
Draw outlines for head & neck.
Step 5
Draw outlines for eyes & mouth.
Step 6
Draw retinas.
Step 7
Draw outlines for nose & lips.
Step 8
Draw outlines for arms, hands & fingers.
Step 9
Enhance drawing as shown.
Step 10
Draw outlines for legs & feet.
Step 11
Draw shape at chest & draw ear & hairs.
Step 12
Draw several lines over entire body.
Step 13
Make necessary improvements to finish.

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