How to Draw Vinny from Family Guy

Vinny is a dog character who is the pet of Griffins. Griffins purchased him as a replacement of Brian due to Brian's death.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw an oval, a circle and ear over the head portion.

Step #2

Draw the outlines for the arms, hands, legs, feet and tale.

Step #3

Draw the outline for the nose.

Step #4

Draw the ears, eyes and nose hole.

Step #5

Draw the belt and the locket attached to the belt.

Step #6

Enhance the drawing at various places as shown.

Step #7

Draw the legs.

Step #8

Draw the arms, hands and fingers.

Step #9

Draw the line from the nose to the neck and two lines on the upper body.

Step #10

Draw the hock of the belt, tale and nails.

Step #11

Draw the retinas, enhance the eyes, eye brows and nose.

Step #12

Make some improvement in the head and waist part. Draw feet to complete the drawing.

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