How to Draw Vinny from Family Guy

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Vinny from Family Guy

Vinny is a dog character who is the pet of Griffins. Griffins purchased him as a replacement of Brian due to Brian's death.
How to Draw Vinny from Family Guy
Step 1
Draw an oval, a circle and ear over the head portion.
Step 2
Draw the outlines for the arms, hands, legs, feet and tale.
Step 3
Draw the outline for the nose.
Step 4
Draw the ears, eyes and nose hole.
Step 5
Draw the belt and the locket attached to the belt.
Step 6
Enhance the drawing at various places as shown.
Step 7
Draw the legs.
Step 8
Draw the arms, hands and fingers.
Step 9
Draw the line from the nose to the neck and two lines on the upper body.
Step 10
Draw the hock of the belt, tale and nails.
Step 11
Draw the retinas, enhance the eyes, eye brows and nose.
Step 12
Make some improvement in the head and waist part. Draw feet to complete the drawing.

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