How to Draw Vintage Cycle

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Vintage Cycle

Vintage cycles is very popular among people due to its ease of riding. Apart from this, its maintenance cost is also very cheap.
How to Draw Vintage Cycle
Step 1
Draw two circles.
Step 2
Draw an oval, three circles & outlines for handle & lever.
Step 3
Draw a circle.
Step 4
Draw a circle.
Step 5
Draw outlines for seat & handle grip.
Step 6
Draw four circles.
Step 7
Draw the lever.
Step 8
Draw jump & rod.
Step 9
Draw back side jump & seat support.
Step 10
Draw paddle & enhance handle.
Step 11
Draw mud guards.
Step 12
Draw rim rods & chain cover.
Step 13
Draw more rim rods & paddle.
Step 14
Draw further rim rods as shown.
Step 15
Draw further rim rods.
Step 16
Draw rims rods & axle.
Step 17
Make necessary improvements to finish.

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