How to Draw a Kangaroo

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Kangaroo

Using this simple step-by step tutorial you will learn how to draw Kangaroo. 6 Steps to make a perfect Kangaroo!
How to Draw a Kangaroo
Step 1
Begin with Drawing a large and a small circle in adjacent position. The large circle for the body of the Kangaroo and the small one for the face-cut and the eye.
Step 2
Add oval shaped shaped ear-like shape above the eye - on the level of Kangaroo's head. Create a shadow of the same oval shaped article to make it look like the second ear. Then, Draw a cup-like design for the mouth of the Kangaroo.
Step 3
Add the further details like a big circle for the neckline and make a standing inverted cup-like figure for the legs. Adjacent to the long legs, draw two small egg-like ovals for the base of its hands and two long ovals for the feet!
Step 4
By simply joining the neckline circles to the face - get the formation of the body of the Kangaroo.
Step 5
On the very first large circle you drew, draw a long tail that elaborates about the Kangaroo. Also, join other circles, hand and feet by joining with each other in shape. Make the little eye in the small circle you drew in First step.
Step 6
Finish the Kangaroo with perfect outline and finish it with its perfect color.

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