How to Draw a LARC

Larc is a fighting tank which is used as the main vehicle to move on front border. It is considered as the key vehicle for success.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw rectangle.

Step #2

Draw ovals for tyres.

Step #3

Draw outline for side body shape as shown.

Step #4

Draw outline for front shape as shown.

Step #5

Make outline for above the tyre part as shown.

Step #6

Draw lines as shown on front & side portion.

Step #7

Draw tyres for front & back side as shown.

Step #8

Make small circles & lines as shown.

Step #9

Draw muzzle and driver seating place as shown.

Step #10

Sketch side pillar shape as shown and also draw several vertical lines.

Step #11

Draw flag and edges of the upper tank as shown.

Step #12

Make necessary improvements to finish.

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