How to Draw a LARC

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a LARC

Larc is a fighting tank which is used as the main vehicle to move on front border. It is considered as the key vehicle for success.
How to Draw a LARC
Step 1
Draw rectangle.
Step 2
Draw ovals for tyres.
Step 3
Draw outline for side body shape as shown.
Step 4
Draw outline for front shape as shown.
Step 5
Make outline for above the tyre part as shown.
Step 6
Draw lines as shown on front & side portion.
Step 7
Draw tyres for front & back side as shown.
Step 8
Make small circles & lines as shown.
Step 9
Draw muzzle and driver seating place as shown.
Step 10
Sketch side pillar shape as shown and also draw several vertical lines.
Step 11
Draw flag and edges of the upper tank as shown.
Step 12
Make necessary improvements to finish.

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