How to Draw a Polar Bear

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Polar Bear

Here is a quick and easy tutorial of How to Draw a Polar Bear in 8 Steps!
How to Draw a Polar Bear
Step 1
Make a large circle and a medium one, along with a warped square in middle of them.
Step 2
Now create ears and the face cut of the Polar Bear.
Step 3
Now create rounded rectangles and stone like ovals for the feet and legs.
Step 4
Join the circles and square for the whole body.
Step 5
Now join the legs with the rounded rectangular shapes you made.
Step 6
Now create the tail and that large leg with the foot, to give the 3-D effect.
Step 7
Now, add the fingers and create other enhancements like the eyes, face, ears and nose.
Step 8
Totally, enhance the Polar Bear with other elements.

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