How to Draw a Pterodactyl

Pterodactyl is a common term of wing reptile and this reptile bird belong to Pterosauria. It is also called flying reptile. There are many games and cartoons regarding pterodactyl. Lets start with an easy step of drawing pterodactyl.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw an oval and beak like shape.

Step #2

Make outline for the upper and lower body.

Step #3

Move on to make outline for wings.

Step #4

Sketch beak like shape for face.

Step #5

Move on to draw eye.

Step #6

Draw upper body and wings.

Step #7

Enhance wings.

Step #8

Draw lower body and legs.

Step #9

Enhance legs.

Step #10

Enhance whole body.

Step #11

Finally make necessary improvement to finish.

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